Brief Portfolio

I enjoy programming; I spend a lot of time in my code.
I also enjoy art and music and try to find ways to incorporate those into my projects.

Community engagement is my other passion, so since I’ve found my way into Open Source communities, I’ve been making roughly 1,000 contributions yearly.

Here are some things I’ve been up to recently in my free time.



Red-DiscordBot: a modular chatbot for the popular gaming chat platform Discord.
Lang: Python
Userbase: 350,000+ users across official servers including Rocket League, Fortnite, and Clash Royale.
Community: 450+ module contributions by the community.
Title: Part Owner and Core Developer

Module Contributions:

FreeCodeCamp Guam

FCCG Game Dev Bootcamp

In an effort to grow programming skills on our island, with support from many wonderful sponsors, I’ve taken on leadership of FreeCodeCamp Guam in an effort to turn it into a community of learning and support for those brave enough to explore the creative power that is programming.

The following lists most of the events and projects we’ve done as a group.

Member Stories:

Projects along the way: